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A single system for industrial and multimedia applications? Here are 7 reasons to rely on Kimera Pro 2.0

What is the main core of our business? Combining innovation and customer care.

Why am I telling you this? Because – unfortunately – it’s time to say goodbye to our best seller Kimera – the Kimera Pro – which will soon get out of production. But from its ashes came the most innovative and advanced model in our catalogue… the Kimera Pro 2.0.

We designed this PC starting from a careful analysis of our customers’ concrete demands. In particular, we focused on their need to use a single system that could integrate a wide range of CPUs while also enhancing its graphical component.

If you need several industrial PCs in your company but their applications are different – and come with different technical requirements – you already know what I’m getting at here. On the one hand, integrating a single model would mean integrating one proper PC for one use and ending up with all the other PCs under- or oversized for further applications. On the other, looking for the perfect PC with the correct specifications for each context would be a never-ending process.

The same goes if your projects require the performance of an industrial PC and advanced graphics, but no machine on the market seems to meet your needs by combining these aspects.

Now imagine managing all your processes with a single system. Imagine realising the most innovative multimedia project you could ever create, duplicating your sales…

The good news is it is now possible. And with the brand-new Kimera Pro 2.0, we will show you just how.

In this article, we will cover:

  1. What makes Kimera Pro 2.0 perfect for industrial applications…
  2. … and for multimedia ones as well
  3. How to assess if Kimera Pro 2.0 is the right fit for YOUR project.

What makes Kimera Pro 2.0 perfect for industrial applications…

1) Integrating different CPUS

Here it is first necessary to take a step back. Kimera Pro 2.0 is the result of a careful analysis of our clients’ needs. Many of them had to evaluate several different models because their projects required different performance and power standards; plus, getting a unique model would have led to undersized PC for some applications and oversized ones for others.

For this reason, we decided to realise a single system.

Kimera Pro 2.0 can integrate a wide variety of different processors, depending on the specific requirements, ranging from i3, i5, i7 to v5 and v7. A single system with several installable CPUs is the ideal solution for industrial contexts that demand PCs with different performance requirements.

It follows that you can use the same core hardware and change the CPU while keeping all the drivers unchanged. A very functional aspect if you work in software development, as you no longer need to change your PC every time you change the processor.

2) vPro technology 

Another critical issue was integrating vPro technology. Its hardware-optimised security features protect important business assets; furthermore, vPro increases productivity with enterprise-class performance for user/department collaboration, enhancing the user experience across the organization.

3) Different formats

Alongside the box and slim version, this PC comes also in rack format. We designed it with three different versions to make it suitable for all application contexts:

  • the box format is the most compact, slightly taller than the slim version, ideal for VESA mounts (in industrial production, or POS);
  • the slim format is the thinnest, perfect for broadcast applications, for example, if it has to be mounted under a table or desk or in a limited space;
  • the rack format has been specifically designed to allow the application of this PC in rack cabinets, particularly required in sectors such as digital signage or server rooms.

NB: the formats may be different but changing the format does not change the hardware or the PC components. Whether you choose the box or the rack format, both maintain the same hardware base, the same components, and the same drivers – it’s the aesthetics that changes, which is adapted to allow for different installations. In this way, you can install the same configuration in different contexts of use.

The Kimera Pro 2.0 in box format
The Kimera Pro 2.0 in slim format
The Kimera Pro 2.0 in rackformat

4) What about connectors?

Kimera Pro 2.0 features a variety of connectors: in addition to the more common 6 USB ports, it also has 2 HDMI 2.0 ports, 1 Gigabit LAN, one serial port for interfacing with serial-enabled devices and machines, and 2 Thunderbolt ports (one of which is the latest generation) for use either as additional video outputs or as PC expansion.

Kimera Pro 2.0 connectors
Kimera Pro 2.0 connectors
The connectors of the Kimera Pro 2.0

5) Can I use this PC for my project even if the working environment is quite humid?

Absolutely. We designed Kimera Pro 2.0 with special attention to industrial environments, which are traditionally dusty and humid. To make the PC extremely functional in such contexts as well, the Pro 2.0 is not only fanless but can also turn into an IP65-device. Its case has watertight screw connectors and no cracks or openings through which moisture can enter, making it fully operational even in these working environments.

Kimera Pro 2.0 IP65
Kimera Pro 2.0 can turn into an IP65-device

… and for multimedia ones as well

6) Graphics quality and performance

Many customers asked for industrial PCs with a high-performance graphics card to support programs and monitors particularly required for digital signage. This had us think a lot about how we could improve Kimera’s graphics: in fact, the maximum graphics card supported until now was UHD, but this kind of application required an even more advanced graphics compartment.

For this reason, we realised the Kimera Pro 2.0 with the highest-performing integrated graphics – Intel Iris Xe – available both in the i5- configuration and v5 or v7 one.

7) 4 independent displays

Another issue we experienced concerned multi-display support. An increasing number of clients asked us for a PC supporting several independent monitors; however, our Kimera Computers could support up to a maximum of 3 displays.

And this is another fundamental difference: compared to other Kimera PCs and its predecessor in particular, the Pro 2.0 can support up to 4 independent displays, making it the perfect fit for digital signage projects.

How can this PC dissipate the heat generated by such a high-performance graphics card without fans?

Kimera Pro 2.0 is a fanless PC. However, despite the absence of fans and the high-performance graphics card, it does not overheat. Its aluminium case is realised with the most innovative technology and specifically designed to disperse the heat generated by the CPU and other internal components.

How to assess if Kimera Pro 2.0 is the right fit for YOUR project

We designed the Kimera Pro 2.0 with one very specific feature in mind: versatility.

Thanks to the different processors it can integrate and its several formats, it is perfect for a wide range of applications, from digital signage to broadcasting, from video surveillance to industrial productions. Additionally, it can be configured with up to 64 GB of RAM and can support 3 disks.

But if you really want to test the Kimera Pro 2.0 and its features… why not put it to the test?

Request a free trial: you can test this model for free in your working environment for 15 days. If the PC does not meet your expectations, we will collect it with our courier service, free of charge.

What if I wanted to learn more about this model?

Well, you can click here and get a detailed overview of its technical features:

If you have special needs, you can request a free consultation with our technicians. We will examine your requests and your project context to provide you with the most suitable solution for you.


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A single system for industrial and multimedia applications? Here are 7 reasons to rely on Kimera Pro 2.0

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