Industrial custom PCs

Industrial custom PCs allow you to combine the advantages of an industrial computer with the addition of customizations.

Customization does not only concern the aesthetic aspect of the computer but also what is inside it:

  • Peripherals with the ability to add additional input / output ports;
  • Software with the ability to install different operating systems.

Our custom PCs for industrial use

Most of the industrial PCs available on the market come from Asia. The distributed models are usually catalog products, difficult to customize. Kimera Computers custom, on the other hand, are industrial PCs that can be customized on customer request. Customers who opt for this solution have the opportunity to discuss with a technician capable of creating the solution that reflects their technical characteristics. For the customer it means cutting down on purchase costs as a catalog pc often has specifications above what is necessary.

Even today, many companies use outdated software that runs on operating systems no longer on the market (Windows XP, Windows 98…). The PCs that house these operating systems are old and in case there is the need to replace one you must use used or refurbished computers without warranty or with limited warranty. Custom Kimera can meet older requirements despite being built with new hardware while also maintaining the warranty.

Compared to the competition, which provides 1 or 2 years of warranty, all Kimera custom boast a 3-year warranty and a USB key for PC recovery in case you need to reset your computer.

The production times of custom Kimera are much shorter than the competition since, being PC Made in Italy, all supply times are cut down.

Request your custom PC

If you need advice for a custom pc or you are undecided on which configuration is best suited to your needs based on the requests we will carry out:

  • an analysis of the specifications that best suit the system;
  • we look for the best components to satisfy it;
  • let’s proceed with the assembly.

You can request a quote for any configuration. We will create a PC that suits your needs by eliminating the superfluous features, which would add to the price.