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Industrial PC configuration: Which components to choose?

What are the components that cannot be missing in an industrial PC? What is the best configuration for a model to be integrated in a heavy-duty environment? And what is the best configuration for heavy graphics applications, or for handling multiple machines?

Sometimes it is right to start from the basics. So, without further ado, let us begin.

What are the main components of a computer

The main components of a computer are:

  • CPU (Central Computing Unit): the computer’s processor, its ‘brain’ or ‘engine’
  • Motherboard: the electronic board that houses the circuits and interface connections of the PC’s internal components, as well as the expansion buses and interfaces to external peripherals.
  • RAM (Random Access Memory): the temporary memory of the PC where the programmes to be executed by the CPU are copied (loaded). Once the programmes are closed, the changes made will be lost, unless they have been saved on the hard disk or other non-volatile memory.
  • Hard disk: a computer storage device in which all work and processing data can be saved; depending on memory requirements, more than one disk can be integrated into the PC.
  • Case: the body of the PC, so to speak, made according to the integrated output ports.

These are the fundamentals, but other components can be added as required, such as:

  • expansion cards, to add more connectors such as USB, LAN, serial, etc.
  • video capture cards, to record in high definition, transmit and optimise video by connecting the PC to a compatible device
  • graphics cards or video cards, to improve the PC’s graphics performance

Last but not least, the power supply unit, to transmit power to the machine. In some cases the power supply is already included with the PC, in others not (read more in our article on the power supply for industrial PCs).

What can’t be missing in an industrial PC

Surely an industrial PC cannot be without the five main components we have just seen: CPU, motherboard, RAM, disk, and case. A computer without one of these components would be like a car without wheels or engine.

A special feature of industrial PCs is the hardware. It is essential that these computers are made with industrial components, which have a much longer lifecycle than consumer components. Thus, the same components can be sourced for periods of 3-5 years up to even 10, with a long-term support guarantee.

In a nutshell, you no longer need to reconfigure PCs with the right settings because the manufacturer has made changes to the hardware. Quite simply, industrial hardware is guaranteed for years. And it is much safer and more efficient for use in harsh or otherwise industrial environments.

The connectors are another key element, which depend on the required configuration. Let’s look at a few examples.

Discover the best industrial PC configurations

The configurations of industrial PCs are manifold and change according to customer requirements.

An industrial PC should have at least: 2 video ports, 1 LAN, and 4/5 USB.

In the industrial environment, it is very common to require one or more LAN ports (which are used to interface with machines as well as to connect the PC to the network) and Serial ports, which are also used to connect devices to the industrial PC or to interface with machines.

It would be wrong to say a priori which are the best industrial PC configurations. It all depends on your requirements. The important thing is to choose a configuration that meets all requirements without adding superfluous components or connectors, so as not to have a PC that is unnecessarily oversized for its intended use.

Discover our custom-made solutions for you and your company

We build our Custom industrial PCs according to your specific needs. For example:

  • you need to connect your computer to a machine and can’t do without network connectivity? We can configure your model with multiple LAN ports;
  • your working environment has dust and humidity and your PC is subjected to high temperatures? There are fanless Kimera with extended temperature range;
  • you need to use your PC for graphics-intensive applications and connect it to 3 independent monitors? We will integrate 1 video card into your PC.

From PCs with 6 LAN, 16 serial and 12 USB ports to PCs with extended temperature range and IP65, we can customise our models with exactly what you need. Nothing more, nothing less.

And to assess which components you actually need and guide you to the most suitable configuration, our technicians are on hand:

Contact us to get a free consultation

We will assess your needs, your PC usage environment, and any special requirements to recommend the perfect PC. If you want to take a look at it in the meantime, you can discover all our Industrial PCs.

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Industrial PC configuration: Which components to choose?

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