Here is how we reduce waiting times for industrial PCs repair and maintenance by 92.7%

Are you looking for an industrial PC supplier?

Then you should take care to properly evaluate technical support.

Industrial PCs are indeed very resistant products; yet, this does not mean that they do not age over time.

Therefore, your Taiwanese PC controlling your company’s machinery might break down after a couple of years or, in the worst case, the PC you sold to your customers might need repair or maintenance.

What should you do at this point?

First of all, you would have to call your supplier and file a return for assistance procedure (RMA).

At this point, three different scenarios unfold:

  1. the supplier is provided with the material to repair/replace your out-of-order PC. In this case, you might get your repaired PC and get back to business in a matter of days. This, however, is a quite unique occurrence.
  2. The supplier identifies the failure and orders the necessary components for the repair from the parent company. You will have to wait several weeks before getting your PC repaired, as your supplier will include the necessary component within the next order to the parent company to save money.
  3. The supplier has to return your PC to the parent company for repairs. This is the worst-case scenario, as you will have to wait for your PC to be included in the next order. It will take a long time for your computer to be delivered to the manufacturer – the time required to collect other returns. . Needless to say, it will take longer – perhaps too long.

What are the consequences of buying Asian-made industrial PCs?

You or your customers will have your production in halt all this time long.

Think about having your customer calling you every day to know when their PC is available… or having your production in halt because of the absence of your industrial PC, which you bought precisely because it was deemed unbreakable… these situations would surely get you in a state of anxiety and frustration that will negatively affect your work.

Why won’t you have service time issues for industrial PCs with Kimera ever again?

When it comes to returns and support in the IT world, you never think about short timing.

The only solution is to rely on an Italian manufacturer.

In this way, and only if the manufacturer is well-organised, repairs and maintenance can all be handled in their facilities.

In this way, your PC repair would be reduced from several weeks to just a handful of days.

Your industrial PC will be repaired (or replaced) within 3 days

We at KIMERA Computers repair all our industrial PCs in our facilities in Italy.

We do not need to send our PCs to Asia for repair.

If you have a problem with a PC, you can return it to us and we will take care of its repair – no other manufacturers, no other intermediaries.

As these computers are entirely designed and manufactured by us, we can ensure a repair or replacement WITHIN 3 DAYS of receiving the product, thereby reducing waiting times by around 93%: from 6 weeks (or more) to just 3 days.

Any damage to your production or to your customers will be minimised and your productivity will never be affected again by your missing machinery.