The advantages of our industrial computers

Industrial computers on the market usually come from Asian channels. Taiwanese and Koreans are key players in the industrial sector. However, this entails long supply times (4 weeks at least) and the same goes in case of returns.

We created Kimera Computers precisely to solve this issue.

Our Pcs are made in Italy. Therefore:

  1. shipments are from Italy;
  2. our stocks are in Italy and there is no need for us to cumulate orders;
  3. you will be able to eliminate all the usual problems of communication with international suppliers, for example that of the time zone;
  4. you will also solve technical support issues;
  5. orders are managed at our Italian facility and processed much faster.

Compact PCs for industrial settings 

Kimera computers are perfect PCs for industrial settings. Entirely fanless, they can be employed in harsher settings, such as dirty or humid environments.

The PC structure is very solid, and in some models it can also ensure an IP65 protection. The performance of our PCs varies from Celeron to Xeon, thus obtaining high-performance, fanless solutions. Besides, all our industrial computers are CE certified.

Kimera Computers are top quality products. For this reason, they can guarantee 3 years of warranty, unlike all other Asian manufacturers that provide only 1- or 2-year warranties.

Our PCs are mainly divided into:

  • Box PCs: both fanless and non-fanless compact solutions
  • Rack PCs: PC solutions for installation on rack cabinets. Our rack versions are very compact (1U or 2U) and they can be also fanless (unavailable on the market but very popular).
  • Custom PCs: out-of-catalogue solutions for special requests. In this case, Kimera Computers can meet all customer requirements with customised solutions.

Kimera Computers’ prices 

The price of a Kimera Computer is in line with the industrial PC market. The cost always comprises the 3-year warranty and a recovery USB stick to restore the PC to factory settings in case there are any resets to be carried out. These two characteristics are not to be underestimated. No other manufacturer of industrial PCs includes them in the price.

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