Pc Fanless

Industrial PC fanless 100% made in Italy

From design, to construction and after-sales assistance, Kimera Computer manages everything from its laboratory in Italy, guaranteeing the quality of Made in Italy with a 3-year guarantee.

Discover the selection of fanless computers

The fanless pc can be used in various industrial fields. Depending on the type of installation,
different types of PCs are provided:

  • Fanless Rack PC: for installation inside network cabinets;
  • Small and compact box computers for use in industrial, automotive and medical production contexts;
  • Custom customizable, without catalog for specific requests.

They are available with different types of processor that can range from Celeron processors to i3 / i5 / i7 and even Xeon to obtain a fanless system with high performance, thermal stability and low

Fanless industrial PCs are computers that haven’t got any cooling fans or ventilation holes. Thanks to their construction, their structure makes that they can be used in hard environments (humid or dusty) and to withstand the high stresses that may be encountered in an industrial work environment.

The heat dissipation system is passive with an all aluminum structure and fins for the dispersion of high temperatures. This minimizes cracks and prevents the infiltration of dust and dirt.

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