Industrial rack PCs are computers suitable for installation in rack cabinets.

Our Kimera Computers Racks boast very compact dimensions (1U or 2U) instead of the classic bulky, noisy 4U rack.

They find great application in the industrial field due to their characteristics:

  • High performance for long periods of work.
  • Resistance in harsh working environments.
  • Long availability of components.

The Kimera Racks can also be fanless PCs, meaning they have no cooling fan.

This feature applied to a Rack system is virtually unheard of in the industrial market.

This makes the PCs completely silent, stable, and suitable for heavy use, characteristics that are highly appreciated in industrial production environments or server rooms.

We create custom rack PCs

We have the ability to provide catalog rack PCs or to create them based on the technical specifications of our clients, avoiding the need for companies to purchase overpowered machines.

Starting from a standard 19” rack PC, we offer the possibility to customize

  • internal components,
  • dimensional structure,
  • mechanical structure (fanless or with active cooling).

100% made in Italy Rack Computers

Kimera Rack Computers are PCs entirely designed and manufactured in our lab in Italy. Thanks to this, we can guarantee:

  • Fast design.
  • Fast realization.
  • Quick deliveries managed within the national territory.
  • Immediate assistance without interfacing with overseas suppliers.
  • Three years warranty.
  • CE certification on all our products.

The characteristics of our rack PCs

Kimera rack PCs have the advantage of being very compact compared to a classic rack.

We can guarantee dimensions of 1U, 1.5U, and 2U even for high performance. This allows for cost reduction and systems that take up little space.

Additionally, some versions of our Kimera Racks are completely fanless. A feature practically unheard of in the rack PC market.

Finally, having an Industrial Rack allows you to have the same PC for years without risking structural or software modifications.

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