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I am Matteo Pinato and I am the owner of KM Soltec. I am also the founder of KIMERA Computers – the industrial PC brand that allows you to reduce waiting times on quotations, delivery, assistance, and machine downtime by 93%.
I have always been passionate about the IT world.

In 2006 I built an automotive PC from scratch with the purpose of realising a sound system in my humble Renault Clio. To carry out this project, I had to import a touchscreen monitor from China and buy a Mini-Itx Industrial motherboard. I calculated its consumption and how to manage the power sources to avoid the PC from getting damaged and the battery consumption. I then managed to build this small PC, which started up with the first shot and worked for the next 8 years. I sold it as I sold my Clio. After building this PC, I thought: “Why not making a business out of this?” I started to organise my business, I analysed the market and saw an opportunity. I talked about it with my father and he suggested that we worked together, establishing the firm 2P Tech.

In 2007 we ranked among the leading importers of Mini-Itx Industrial motherboards on the Italian market. We started to manufacture Made in Italy industrial PCs, bypassing the distribution concept, thereby reducing delivery and potential service times. For another 10 years the firm continued to work well, acquiring important customers, until it was time for my father to retire. 2P Tech dissolved, making way to KM Soltec.

Over the years, I have increasingly specialised in the management of supplies of industrial PCs.

This happened organically as I began grasping the specific concerns of the companies that I was – and still am – targeting with my services: delivery time first, service time later.

I have therefore moved into two separate directions: on the one hand, I looked for suppliers who shared my way of thinking and working; on the other, I looked for high-performance products that could be delivered and set up quickly.

Thus, I increasingly broadened my knowledge of industrial computers, and I expanded my pool of suppliers, so much so that I created my own industrial PC line.

And that’s the beginning of Kimera Computers, our brand aimed at designing, supplying, and providing technical support to industrial PCs within a short time, so as to serve our customers quickly.

So far, in Italy industrial PCs have been imported and supplied by local distributors.

Today, thanks to KIMERA Computers you can rely on a Made in Italy brand ensuring you:

  • A 3-year warranty;
  • Immediate assistance whenever needed;
  • Fast delivery (up to 93% less than standard delivery times);
  • CE Certification.

Our Kimera Computers are completely made in Italy: we we design, manufacture, and test them directly in our facilities.

This allows you to receive you PC in a shorter time (93% less than standard delivery times) and benefit from a prompt and effective technical assistance.

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