Why you should choose Kimera?

We minimized the DELIVERY TIME

KIMERA is 100% made in Italy, which means that it is produced, stocked, and distributed entirely from our facility located within Italian national borders.​

This also means that unlike any other brand of industrial computers, KIMERA allows you to have your new PC on your desk in just 3-5 days from when you ordered it.

As you may already know, industrial computers are not readily available on Amazon or easily found in large scale distribution or even at your local computer shop.

Usually, industrial hardware is produced in Asia and thus distributed through international channels.

This implies that Asian-made industrial PCs can require a long time to be delivered, sometimes more than a month from the order date.

But there is also another major problem linked to Asian-made industrial PCs that could hinder you in pressing situations: the minimum quantity of orders to be reached before shipping the goods.

The typical seller of Asian products retains a very small stock;

therefore, it tends to collect as many orders as possible from different customers before shipping the goods.

This practice increases the likelihood that all deliveries delay if even just one item comprised in an order is not readily available to your supplier.

At KIMERA computers we do not need to accumulate orders as our stocks – located in Italy – are wider than those available to any other Asian producer of industrial PCs, all of which allows us to minimize delivery time by 93%.


For the same reasons presented above, when an industrial PC requires servicing it can take even longer to receive assistance.

You will have to call the seller and open an RMA file.

If all the components necessary to repair your computer are readily available to the supplier, then you might have your PC fixed in a matter of days.

If, on the contrary, the supplier must acquire those components from the motherhouse, then the servicing time might extend to several weeks.

The matter complicates even further if the servicing is provided directly by the motherhouse.

Not only would this translate into exhausting, unnecessary waiting, but also into a halted production line provoking troubles with your clients and a consequent loss of revenue.

By choosing Kimera computers you will not face these hurdles ever again.

By producing our computers in Italy, thanks to a well-organized internal structure we can provide servicing and technical support directly from our facility.

This way, we managed to reduce servicing time from 5-6 weeks to 3-5 days.

To date there is no real brand of industrial PCs produced in Italy

3 year warranty

Due to the technical characteristics it is equipped with, an industrial PC costs more than a normal PC

Even if they will be sold to you as “indestructible”, this type of PC can also be subject to failures and deterioration.

The problem is that in 99% of cases, PCs have a 1 or 2 year warranty.

The law requires 1 year of warranty and only a few manufacturers offer an additional year of warranty, at their discretion.

You should know that the repair costs of an industrial PC account for 50% of the market value of the PC.

KIMERA allows you not to spend a single Euro for the management of your return until the THIRD YEAR.

Why 3 year warranty?

Because an industrial PC that is repaired or replaced after the third year of warranty can easily work for another couple of years: 3 years of warranty are very convenient and will allow you to save a lot of money, benefiting your company’s pockets.


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