Kimera Computers Bando Digitalizzazione PNRR

Kimera Computers, the perfect partner for the PNRR digitisation call

More than EUR 50 billion are earmarked by the PNRR for the call for tenders concerning digitisation, which aims to promote the country’s digital transformation.

Among the available calls that serve this purpose, we also find the Industry 4.0 call.

If you are a company, it is very helpful for you to understand how to make the most of the funds made available to achieve digital growth.

And you should know right from the start.

With Kimera Computers you can take advantage of the funds available for Industry 4.0!

In this article we explain how.

The funds allocated for the PNRR digitisation call

The funds earmarked for the digitisation of public administration and enterprises are dedicated to the digital transformation of production processes.

In this section of the PNRR we find the so-called Transition 4.0, where 13.97 billion is dedicated.

In the government’s intentions, this is dedicated to the continuation of the already existing Industry 4.0, whose primary objective is the digital transformation of production processes, with an increase in investments in intangible assets.

The aim here is to increase productivity through research and development, in-company training and the purchase of more advanced machinery.

Are you a company and need IT equipment to boost your digital growth?

Give Kimera Computers a chance to be your partner in this 4.0 transition!

With us you can take advantage of the funds made available for Industry 4.0!


Why choose a partner like Kimera Computers?

Kimera Computers: towards a more conscious digitisation

Kimera Computers is the first industrial PC brand made in Italy.

Our Kimera Computers are industrial PCs designed and tested directly in our laboratory and are all CE certified.

They are high-performance industrial products: by entrusting yourself to us, you will have a product entirely made in Italy, with a 3-year warranty on any faults, immediate assistance and faster delivery times than any other company on the market!

Furthermore, the fact that they can be made in our workshop allows us to create customised products to your specifications. In this way, you will have tailor-made PCs for your Transaction 4.0, resulting in optimised purchase costs.

Now that you are thinking of choosing Kimera Computers as your digital partner, you may be wondering…

Yes… but how do I access the tender?

Call for digitisation: how to access?

If you don’t have anyone to help you access the call for proposals, don’t worry… we’ll help you!

Thanks to a partnership with a network of professionals, we can give you all the assistance you need to help you register for the call for proposals and obtain the digital funds you need to grow your company!

Find out how Kimera Computers can help your company grow.


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Kimera Computers, the perfect partner for the PNRR digitisation call



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