Kimera PCs for totems: why a major company chose our industrial PCs

A large company asked us for 65 Kimera PCs to put in their totems.

The person who approached Kimera Computers was a long-standing customer of ours, who had already purchased 140 industrial PCs.

Their request was very specific:

The PCs had to be.

reliable, durable and productive even for 24 hours without interruption
offer continuity over time: the company needed durable industrial PCs that they could rely on continuously.
How, then, were we at Kimera Computers able to meet the customer’s requirements?

We responded promptly to the customer’s request
and immediately sent him a Kimera Pro 3.0 PC for testing.
In this way, the customer was able to test the PC and, in the following days, immediately contacted us to confirm the product.

From there on, the first order of 140 industrial PCs started, to which – these days – the other 65 were added!

But why, specifically, did the customer choose Kimera Computers?

  • Our Kimera PCs are reliable computers that provide you with H24 productivity;
  • They are fanless PCs, without fans: ideal, therefore, to be placed in rack cabinets or inside dusty environments;
  • Reduced shipping time: unlike all other industrial PC brands, thanks to Kimera you can have your industrial PC within 5 days of placing your order. Usually, the production of industrial PCs comes from Asian channels, which take even more than a month to deliver your order!
  • We have a stock within the national territory: if, generally, the seller of Asian products has a very small stock and has to collect as many orders as possible before shipping the goods, we do not have this problem. Our large stock is within the national territory and this allows us to reduce shipping time by 93%;
  • Ours are industrial PCs made in Italy, manufactured and customised directly in our workshop: we handle maintenance and repairs directly from our base, reducing service times from the usual 5-6 weeks to 3-5 days.

As you can see from the photo, the model the customer chose is the ‘classic’ and timeless Kimera 3.0 Pro, the latest generation fanless industrial mini PC.

Do you need an industrial PC quickly?

With Kimera Computers we customise your industrial PC according to your requirements and ship it to you within 5 days!

Would you like to take a look at the Kimera 3.0 Pro chosen by the company?

Kimera PCs for totems: why a major company chose our industrial PCs



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