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Here’s how Kimera Computers makes your industrial PCs in just 3 days

Are you an IT manager or owner of a company that works in the industrial sector and need industrial PCs quickly?

Usually, every time you have to order industrial PCs for your company, you put your hands in your hair because you already know that you will face a very long delivery time when, in reality, you need the PCs immediately.

At least a month before you see the industrial PCs you ordered on your desk“.

These are the times and these are the rules when dealing with most industrial hardware suppliers (which is quite normal, since most industrial hardware production comes from foreign channels.)

How do we do this?

Continue reading the article and find out!
We are about to take you on a tour of our workshop to show you how our team of engineers works to enable us to manufacture and deliver industrial PCs in record time.

Kimera Computers: the team

First of all, we would like to introduce you to Alessandro, our brand manager at Kimera Computers.

All our industrial PCs are supervised by him and his team, directly in our workshop.

Industrial PC
In photo: Alessandro De Salvo – brand manager of Kimera Computers

Our team is made up of specialised technicians who are responsible for the production of customised industrial PCs, created in our workshop to the customer’s specifications.

Our decades of experience in the sector have enabled us to create our own method, thanks to which Kimera Computers is, to this day, the fastest supplier of industrial PCs on the market.

But how does the Kimera Computers method work?

The Kimera Computers method: industrial PCs delivered within 3 days

The Kimera Computers method divides the work into 3 phases, which correspond to the number of days it takes our technicians to process the customer’s request and build the PCs.

The entire process is preceded by the pre-analysis and support phase, i.e.: if you send in a request for industrial PCs, our team’s technicians will get back to you immediately – even outside working hours or on weekends.
We have also activated a chat service that allows you to get in touch with us whenever you want, so that you can receive a response immediately.
You send your request and one of our technicians will analyse it to find the most suitable solution.

Let us now move on to the 3 actual working steps of the Kimera Computers method:

Day 1

Industrial PC

Unless the PCs are already in stock and therefore can be dispatched immediately, our suppliers are on the move: once you have placed your order, we will immediately contact them to ensure that the material arrives immediately. The Kimera Computers method involves evaluating and certifying suppliers who work simultaneously with us to guarantee immediate customer service.

Day 2

Industrial PC

PC testing and production phase: on the second day, our team retreats to the laboratory to perform all the necessary tests and get to work with the production of the PCs;

Day 3

Industrial PC

Express delivery: we are now on day three and your industrial PC will be delivered to you!

Bottom line…

If you are used to having your industrial PC delivered within 1 month
we deliver it to you within 3 days.

Customised PCs made in Italy

The realisation of customised PCs deserves a separate chapter.

A customised PC may require more specific components and this translates into longer procurement and production times.

But, thanks to our method, we at Kimera Computers are able to supply the necessary material in the shortest possible time and thus realise customisable PCs in just a few days more than the production of a non-custom PC.

What advantages does Kimera Computers offer you

We have just talked about the behind the scenes at Kimera Computers and the people who work in making industrial PCs.

But all the suppliers around have technicians working in their labs to make PCs.

Where, then, is the novelty?
What differentiates Kimera Computers from all other suppliers of industrial PCs?

  1. Lead times are one of the key features that distinguish Kimera from all others.
    We offer much shorter delivery times than any foreign supplier because, as we have already mentioned, we can deliver your industrial PC within 3 working days (industrial PCs take a few days longer, up to a week maximum).
  2. Immediate pre- and after-sales support.
    You will always have assistance, even outside working hours. If you urgently need to submit a request, Alessandro or another one of our team members will get back to you, even outside working hours or on weekends.
    That is why we have activated a chat service, with which you can send us your request quickly, in writing, without necessarily having to pick up the phone to call us.
  3. Up to a 3-year warranty on your PC, compared to the 1 or 2-year warranty of other manufacturers on the market.

And, put simply, what benefits does all this bring to you and your company?


If you need industrial PCs urgently because those in production have broken down and can’t be repaired, you don’t have to wait, risking losing productivity or falling behind with work: you’ll have your industrial computers within a few days and you can get back to work immediately!

Imagine if you had to wait three weeks to get a computer THAT YOU NEED urgently: you would have a lot to lose in terms of productivity, earnings, turnover… don’t you think?

But that’s not all: think of the advantages of getting your industrial PCs quickly:

  • orders can be fulfilled quickly and early
  • you will have your work PC quickly, so your productivity will be immediate.

So, after having listed the advantages you will get by relying on Kimera Computers, if you want to find out more closely, in concrete terms, what we can do for your company and you need industrial PCs to be urgently inserted in your production area, don’t waste time!

Request a free consultation now and one of our technicians will get in touch with you right away!

Here’s how Kimera Computers makes your industrial PCs in just 3 days



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