Quanto costano i pc industriali

How much do industrial computers cost?

Let’s face the facts: “What about the price?” is one of the first questions – if not right the first – that will have come to your mind when dealing with industrial PCs. So, once and for all, let’s tackle the elephant in the room head-on.

We all agree that buying an industrial PC is not exactly like buying an office printer or a set of pen holders. As these are key devices in the production process – be it in a production line or in automation 4.0, automotive or digital signage – buying the perfect industrial computer is a great responsibility (not quite like Spider-Man’s powers, but still).

And if you first thought you’d look on Amazon, I’ll remove any doubt right now and tell you that you can also find industrial computers on Amazon. But if you’re really considering this option, let me ask you:

  • are you really sure Amazon’s PC will meet all your needs? Is it specifically designed for your application?
  • How long will the delivery take?
  • How is support handled in the event of a breakdown or malfunction? How quickly can you get your PC up and running again?
  • Is this really worth saving a few euros?

An undersized or unsuitable computer rapidly turns into a real earful from your boss, as well as wasted time and money. To avoid all this, it is important to understand what lies behind the price of industrial computers, rather than price itself.

That’s exactly what we’re going to cover in this article. We’re going to look at the features of these PCs and what their cost depends on, so that you can make an informed and thoughtful choice.


Main featurs of industrial computers

Industrial computers are generally niche products, designed for applications in harsh environments, such as humid or dusty contexts, or requiring round-the-clock operation. In fact, they are built and tested to guarantee full 24/7 functionality even with low power consumption and in the most extreme conditions.

Industrial PCs are divided in 3 main categories:

  • Box PCs: compact devices, both fanless and non-fanless, suitable for VESA and desktop mounting;
  • Rack PCs: industrial PCs to be mounted on rack cabinets;
  • Custom PCs: tailor-made industrial computers, customisable according to the customer’s needs.

First of all, these computers are built on industrial hardware, with a considerably extended lifecycle: typically 3-5 years, up to even 10.

In addition, industrial computers are generally fanless, i.e. without cooling fans, unless specifically requested by the customer. Passive heat dissipation through the case allows PCs to be integrated even in particularly humid or dusty environments. As there are no mechanical components or ventilation holes, moisture and substances do not risk infiltrating the machine, preventing damage or failure to the device and ensuring its full functionality.

Industrial PCs: what does the price depend on?

First, it is important to underline that the prices of industrial PCs are extremely variable, depending on the technical specifications of the machine: overall, they can vary from 300€ up to 2000€ per piece. Making general cost considerations would therefore be neither correct nor useful when choosing a device. What we need to bear in mind is what actually goes into the price of the PC.

Thus, what does the cost of industrial computers depend on?

Industrial hardware

Unlike traditional consumer PCs, industrial hardware has a considerably longer production cycle. Thanks to product lines entirely dedicated to the industrial sector and guaranteed long-term support, you no longer have to worry about reconfiguring your computers with the correct settings every time the hardware gets replaced. What is more, industrial hardware is specially designed to minimise the risk of failure and avoid power surges.


As I mentioned earlier, industrial PCs are generally fanless. The passive heat dissipation system allows the PC to operate even in dusty or humid conditions, avoiding the risk of damage or malfunctioning and guaranteeing 24-hour operation even in extremely harsh environments.

Technical features

In order to fully operate in particular contexts, especially in industrial production or with extreme conditions, industrial computers must meet certain characteristics. For example, if your PC is to be integrated into an outdoor solution exposed to temperatures below 0° or, on the contrary, to extreme heat, it will be necessary to integrate the extended temperature range, enabling the PC to operate between -40°C and +85°C. Alternatively, if the computer is to be connected to serial printers or devices that interface with the serial port, multiple COMs are needed. If it is to communicate with the machine via LAN and an Internet connection is also required, then the PC must be configured with 2 LAN ports.

These are the main factors that influence the cost of industrial PCs. In addition, there are other elements included in the price of Kimera Computers, specifically designed to effectively solve all the problems associated with the industrial PC market, such as endless waiting, non-existent technical support, or limited warranties.

Made in Italy

The main added value of Kimera Computers is that they are the first industrial PC brand made in Italy. Everything, from design to manufacturing, up to assistance and storage, takes place in our laboratories in Italy. What does this mean?

o  a careful analysis of the production context and the customer’s needs, to realise the perfect PC for their application;

o   partnerships and synergies with selected suppliers, so as to alsways ensure high-quality componets;

o   fast delivery: you will no longer have to wait weeks or months, before receiving a quotation or having your industrial PC up and running in your company. You can also forget about all the communication issues with Asian suppliers (including time zone and language barrier). With Kimera Computers, you will get your PC in just 3-5 working days, instead of the 8-10 weeks usually required in the market.

CE Certification

Kimera Computers are all CE certified, attesting that they operate in accordance with applicable EU rules and regulations. They are safe and compliant with European standards, avoiding any problems in case of controls.

Technical support

Should one of our PCs fail or malfunction, our technicians will be on hand to fix the problem as quickly as possible, so you can resume production soon. We handle maintenance and repairs in our workshop in Italy, reducing technical support time by 92.7%. Returning your computer for service will no longer be your worst nightmare because the supplier doesn’t have the necessary parts in house or because you have to send it back overseas. On the contrary, you will have your PC repaired and operational in just 3-5 days.


Another added value included in the price of Kimera Computers is warranty. While other industrial PCs in the market come with a 1-year warranty, and only in rare cases a 2-year one, all Kimera Computers are covered by a 3-year warranty. Should any problems or malfunctions occur during the warranty period, we will repair your PC in 3-5 days and provide you with all the technical support you need, at no extra charge.

USB recovery key

The price of Kimera Computers always includes a USB recovery key to restore your PC to factory settings in case you need to perform a reset.

Consider that no other manufacturer includes a 3-year warranty and recovery key in the price. Furthermore, with the disruption and delays caused by the global shortage of components, getting industrial PCs in a fraction of the time of those on the market can be crucial to the future of your business, especially in these uncertain days. So, now that you know what goes into the price of industrial PCs, it is up to you to decide whether to bring home a machine that risks slowing down or even stopping your business productivity or one that can boost it considerably. The responsibility for the purchase is entirely in your hands and, with it, the future of your company.


Here’s what our customers say about us

Read all testimonials from our satisfied customers

Kimera for 4.0 Automation Systems

My name is Marco Zana, and I am the Project Manager at Robot At Work. Our company operates in the industrial automation sector. We were looking for industrial PCs to integrate into our robot cells, suitable for HMI, 4.0 data exchange management, and 2D and 3D machine vision systems processing. The technical staff of Kimera Computers carefully analysed our needs and realised our PCs with the most suitable configurations for our application context, thereby fully meeting our expectations. We chose Kimera Computes because of their competence and professionalism. We had already worked with them to purchase industrial keyboards and after they visited our company, they got us a Kimera on trial for a fortnight. We could test the PC in our robot cells, and it was perfect for our needs. Finding reliable and efficient partners is essential in our sector, with high technological and qualitative standards. And Kimera Computers proved to be just that. In a few words, outstanding quality at a great price!

Marco Zana, Robot at Work Srl

1U Fanless Server for ATEN European Demo & Training Centers

Hi, I’m the Technical and Sales Manager for Italy at ATEN, a Taiwanese company with 40 years of experience in the KVM and Professional Audio/Video sectors. I was looking for fanless servers in 1U format for the setting-up of the first Demo & Training Center in Milan. We didn’t have any particular performance requirements, and the usual commercial servers were just too big and noisy for us. Matteo’s good job with SEO allowed me to find KM Soltec and their fanless Kimera Computer Rack 1U. His helpfulness and professionalism were essential to get the 4 servers configured as we needed them. 6 months afterwards we were so satisfied with our purchase that we bought 4 more of them for the Demo & Training Center in Madrid. And soon it will be the turn of the one in Paris…


Kimera for Digital Kiosks

My name is Rosa Fanelli, and I work at BBS Italy, an indoor and outdoor digital kiosk manufacturer. We were looking for industrial devices to integrate into our products to solve malfunctioning issues. Indeed, using unsuitable hardware for 24/7 operation under adverse weather conditions caused severe computer damages, which, in turn, led to malfunctioning and failure of the entire kiosk. Therefore, we had to carry out frequent and very costly maintenance operations. After several searches we found Kimera Computers. They provided us with technical support throughout the entire process and they always offered the best solutions for our needs, providing us with fanless PCs suitable for 24/7 operations.

We turned to Kimera Computers because of their reliability and competence. They were also able to design and realize our industrial solutions more quickly than other suppliers: indeed, they delivered each of our orders within the guaranteed 5-day delivery time!

Rosa Fanelli, BBS

Would you like to find out how Kimera Computers can increase your business productivity? Are you developing a project but don’t know which product is best suited for your needs? Contact our team:


We will carefully examine your project and realise the most suitable solution for your needs!

How much do industrial computers cost?



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